A Dancers' Feast
Choreographed by Jane Bullock and Margaret Crighton, "A Dancers Feast" is a collection of new dances with gastronomic themes. The companion CD has full dance-length music for each of the dances.

Launched at the 2011 National Folk Festival see pictures (3pm Saturday 23rd April 2011 in the Fitzroy) we are accepting orders:

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A Dancers' Feast

Book (40 pages, A5) of dance instructions, music, recipes and ephemera $10

CD 18 tracks of full dance length music (78 minutes 50 seconds) $20

Contents: (click tune name to hear a sample)

No. By Name Style Tune
1 Jane Invitations Line x 4 Breakfast Creek *
Margaret Meet and Greet D.M. Come Dance and Sing, Laura
Margaret Champagne Couples Greenwood Tree and Pirates Waltz
4 Jane Oysters Au Naturelle 3 x 3 The Female Saylor
5 Margaret Vol au Vonts and Pinwheels 9 pin Quadrille Greensleeves
6 Jane Vegetable Soup Sicilian circle x 7 couples Corelli's Maggot
Jane Plaice and Chips with Dressing Line x 3 Spirit of the Dance
Margaret Pass the Salt 7 people Grimstock
Jane White Wine Line x 4 Music by Handel
Margaret Rosbif Circle Rosbif Waltz +
11 Margaret Peas and Carrots Quadrille Buttered Peas
12 Jane Vegetarian Alternative Contra D.M. 1’s improper Oh! Susanna, Buffalo Gals, Skip to my Lou
13 Jane Sorbet Couples The Fox and the Grapes
14 Jane Chocolate Cake D.M. Chewton #
15 Margaret Cup of Tea D.M. x 4 Never Love Thee More
16 Jane Cheese Platter D.M. Unknown Jig
17 Steve Please Pass the Port Circle of couples facing L.O.D. Dribbles of Brandy
18 Margaret Mop and Bucket Line x 4 Chelsea Reach
19 George Red Wine Line x 4

* by Andy Rigby
+ based on an arrangement by Dave Rackham
# by Margaret Crighton

Dancers at the book/CD launch. See the Gallery of NFF Photographs.

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